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IFRS Standards Introduction

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If you are an accounting or finance student or professional and you want to discover what's International financial reporting standards ( IFRS), this app is perfect for a good and easy start. All CPA, CIA, CIMA, ACCA, CMA and CFA should starts from here.
I read a study performed by one of the Big 4 companies. The study examined the awareness of and preparedness for implementing IFRS among various kinds of finance professionals and students.
The results were totally surprising: Almost 40% of interviewees responded that they had some basic knowledge about IFRS. And somewhere around 20% responded “no knowledge”.
So let’s face it – about 60% of interviewees have no or just very weak IFRS knowledge. That is a SHAME indeed. Why?
Well, because there is BIG hype about IFRS in the world right NOW. How can we see that?
Well, do you want a good finance job? Just write in your CV that you have solid IFRS knowledge and you dramatically increase your chance to succeed. Of course, your CV should be true.
Is your company traded on a stock exchange? Well then, in most cases, you need to submit regular IFRS reports and if you do, you know very well what a difficult task this may be.
I can continue like that until your head bursts but don’t worry, I am not going to. Now you get the picture. IFRS is almost everywhere.
And believe me – just by reading all my lessons within this application you gained a good COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE!