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Steampunk GOSMS Pro PopUp Blue

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دسته : شخصی سازی

قیمت : رایگان

نسخه : 1.0

حجم : 1.31 MB

1.31 MB

دانلود : 10,000+


اندروید مورد نیاز : 1.6


The device for instant managing and reading of your messages.
The mindseed steampunk factory was recently hit by an electrical charge from the aether, resulting in a temporary malfunction of the "Color and Hue Formulating Mechanism". Due to this unfortunate incident our systems have become garbled and the usual muted browns, raggedy rusts and burnt burgundy's our Steam Factory has become known for; have been replaced by an assortment of colors, not seen in our world for many centuries.
Yes! This means we have the blues - and if you want them too - be sure to install this theme.

This is a Pop Up theme for GO SMS Pro V4.67+ - it will now work without it. I repeat - it will not work without it. No matter how many 1 star ratings you give, due to you not reading the instructions.

****>>> Instructions <<<****
Download and install GO SMS Pro

Open GO SMS Pro > When open > Menu > Settings > Advanced tab > Notification Settings >Tick Enable PopUp windows > Choose type of popup > Select GO Popup > Back out to Go SMS Pro
Then from within Go SMS again > Menu > Theme > Go Popup Tab > Installed > Select Steampunk Go Popup

That should be all sorted now.

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Thanks as always for using my themes and to all you great people who always take time to email me and leave fantastic comments that make my day. I wish Google would bring comment replies to us lowly non-recognised developers so I could reply to each and every one of your Play Comments. Untill then you'll have to get a hold of me the old school way as described below.

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