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Medal of Honor 2012 Guide

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2.3, 2.3.1, 2.3.2

Please NOTE: This is not a game.

Medal of Honor Warfighter is a sequel not a lot of people wanted. But, we got it anyway. To be honest, I was really looking forward to this game, after loving MOH from 2010. MOH is now running on the Frostbite 2 engine and looks better than ever, with graphics on par with Battlefield 3. This is one of the better looking modern shooters out now. But is a new look enough to make you get this? Even when there is a wave of triple A games coming in the next weeks? The answer is a solid yes!
To start off, I'm going to get the comparing out of the way. This is a perfect blend between Call of Duty and Battlefield 3 (Multiplayer wise). If your looking for a more realistic fast paced shooter thats very tactical, but played on medium sized maps, look no further. This game feels a lot like Battlefield 3 (and looks like it), which is a good thing!
This is a surprisingly tactical game. I would go as far as saying its more tactical then Battlefield. With the medium sized maps and clear objectives to follow, the game has some great moments. For example the game mode Hotspot is sort of a search and destroy mode. The team defending stays around the base scattered around guarding most points where the enemy can come. If you are attacking, the best way is too split your platoon into two groups and each group try to infitrate a flanking spot. The close quarter spaces and higher player count, call for some truly awesome moments!
If you're a fan of killstreaks your in luck. While this isn't tallying up your kills to reward you, it does count up your points. After getting so many points your presented with your kill streak. When you get a streak you have the option to choose from Offensive or Defensive. I really enjoy the option and each of them really help out the team. For example the first streak you earn is the option for a mortar attack (offensive), or a smoke screen(defensive). Both are very useful.
There are a few modes (way more than the last MOH). There are a bunch of guns, with a lot of customizaton options. There are six different classes to chose from, each one having a new look, different kill streaks and stuff like that. I do not know how many ranks there are, but I know there's a ton load.
The campaign seems very fun so far. I enjoyed the hell out of the last MOH campaign. This one seems to be following the same footsteps, giving an emotional journey. This is a highlight for a first person shooter, because most campaigns are horrible. This one is actually worth the play through.

This app will help you easily complete thirteen missions in campaign mode. So let enjoy and have excited on it.

Please NOTE: This is not a game.

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