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XVal Xbox 360 Ban Tester

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دسته : ابزارها

قیمت : رایگان

نسخه : 1.1

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اندروید مورد نیاز : 1.6


XVal is a utility to display recorded security events from an Xbox 360 console. When given a console serial number along with the 'X' value from System Info in the Dashboard, XVal can determine whether or not that console is flagged for a violation. This is an Android implementation of Redline99's XVal, suitable for checking used 360s in stores.

Important: This application only shows the security events recorded on the console itself and does not reflect bans on Xbox LIVE. It is possible for a console with a "Clean" security history to be banned server-side, and it is possible for a console to be "Flagged" but not yet banned. Flagged consoles should always be regarded with suspicion as they will likely be banned in the near future.