دانلود برنامه اندروید Jolla SailFish OS Theme HD

Jolla SailFish OS Theme HD

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دسته : شخصی سازی

قیمت : رایگان

نسخه : 1.0

حجم : 1.6 MB

1.6 MB

دانلود : 5,000+


اندروید مورد نیاز : 2.2.x


The SailFish OS is soon to be released by Jolla. This theme has been made simply by looking at the images released by Jolla. All the icons and the skin has been made based on these images.

This theme includes both icons and skin to change the overall look of your phone.

I cannot guarantee this to be a exact replica of the OS but I will make the necessary changes as soon as it is released in the market.

All icons are of 120x120 px. On LDPI devices, the app drawer may be out of place, so I have included another resized drawer icon. If you see 2 drawer icons, that is because I included it. IT IS NOT A BUG.

This is guaranteed to work on Nova, Apex and ADW Launcher. Other launchers may support it too. But I will not support those launchers for now.


1. In ADW and Apex, the tabs in the app drawer will not appear. They are present there, but you will not be able to see it as I have made it transparent.

2. In Nova, it will appear as it does not support theming the tabs.

3. Also, disable wallpaper scrolling as the provided wallpaper has been designed for a single screen. Wallpaper may look odd if made to support multiple screens.

4. All icons may not change by themselves. To change them, long press the icon and the new icon from the provided icon pack.

5. App Drawer icon will not change by itself on Nova and ADW Launcher. You have to change them manually.

1. 80 HD Icons.
2. Original Wallpaper.
3. Fully themed skin.
4. 7 Icon Back images to theme all unthemed icons by themselves.



1. Open Nova Settings.
2. Go to Look and Feel and select the Jolla Theme.
3. Go to Drawer and make the Transparency level to about 25%.
4. Go to Dock and uncheck the Show Divider option.
5. Go to Folder and make the Transparency to about 50% - 60%.
6. Disable Wallpaper scrolling.


1. Open Apex Settings.
2. Go to Theme Settings and choose the Jolla Theme.
3. Go to Drawer Settings and change the Transparency Level to about 25%.
4. Go to Home Screen Setting and navigate to Wallpaper Mode and select Single Screen (Non Scrolling).


1. Open ADW Settings.
2. Go to Themes and select the Jolla Theme.
3. Disable Wallpaper Scrolling.
4. If your App Drawer are messed up or you do not want the extra space on top, then go to App Drawer Settings and uncheck the Tabs option.

Please do not post comments with things like why isn't your app drawer visible, etc. This is because I made it like that. THIS IS ALSO NOT A BUG.

If you have suggestions or requests about icons, please send me a mail or post here. I will update with 30+ new icons every time.

If you have any complaints, please send me a mail instead of posting a negative comment. Sending me a mail will help me fix the issue. Posting a negative comment will not help me with anything.

Thanks a lot to sarkar1990 who has always been there to test my apps and to support me.

Thanks to nikufellow for testing on LDPI device.

Thanks to Soul Reaper for testing on LDPI device

Another big thanks to Chinese for supporting me too.

Please consider buying the Pro Version which has a lot more icons if you wish to support me.

Thank you.