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Brightness Patcher


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دسته : ابزارها

قیمت : رایگان

نسخه : 1.4

حجم : 162.84 kB

162.84 kB

دانلود : 1,000+


اندروید مورد نیاز : 3.0.x


شامد :


This app is useless if you don't have the issue specified below!

This application is for LG devices that are suffering from "Unable to increase brightness due to overheating!" issue. The app provides a permanent and easy one click solution to address this issue.


Just install the app and grant it super user access (Root Permission).
Hit apply permanent patch and reboot after 10 seconds :)
Check for two days if the problem is gone
You can uninstall the app after being successful (Its 0.2 MB anyways)!

1> Is this patch safe?
YES that's why we made that ;)

2> So does this cancels the whole safety throttling procedure?
NOPE this only restricts from brightness getting being decreased by the system and nothing else. Everything else remains same!

3> What can I do to remove throttling(thermal).
We have paid apps that does a lot more other than that. You can check those out too. Those apps are meant for Tegra and Exynos series of SOCs though.


We do not ask anything from you and you don't have to pay for this to any one or even have to buy any of our app in return. If it helps and you want to give us something in return then "STOP doing Piracy and Plant a tree in your region for a better tomorrow ;)"

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