Don't Push the Button

Don't Push the Button?-room escape game-

Don't Push the Button

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دسته : آدمک های خطی

قیمت : رایگان

نسخه : 1.9.94

حجم : 3.57 MB

3.57 MB

دانلود : 500,000+


اندروید مورد نیاز : 4.1, 4.1.1

4.1, 4.1.1

شامد :

All series total 3,000,000 downloads app!!

Don't push the red button!

But there is only a button in the room.
Can you escape from this room?
-Room escape game-

[How to play]
-Tap:Search/Use item.
-Tap:Select item.
-2taps:Expand item.

-Game with a storyline.
-Difficulty lower.
-Auto-save function.
-Clear in a short time.


System Requirements
-Android 4.1 or higher recommended

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